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I was born in Williamstown Hospital in Melbourne Australia on the 18/12/1971 and spent my childhood and teenage years living in the seaside town of Altona.



I started drawing from an early age by copying my father's ships that he would sketch and from there, my interest and passion grew.



I studied art and graphics in secondary college which i truly loved, than on completing, I further went on to study at Melbourne College of Art and Photography.



In addition to art i am very passionate about music and i have played in a number of bands recording also producing several albums, and to this day still love to play and record my own style of muisc.



My travels have now located me in Europe, Croatia to be exact, where i live and work as a full time artist.



I would describe my art as bold, colourful, and honest. Each piece is truly unique and original only its kind in existance.



Please browse through my pages and enjoy my art, who knows maybe you will find a peice you like or perhaps you will feel inspired to commission an original.



kind regards Dennis

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